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Pixel Moments Raises Nearly $300,000 For Mental Health Resources at St. Paul's Hospital

Together with 1,834 micro-donors and community sponsors Pixel Moments helped raise $299,416 for mental health resources at the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation through commissioning a public art piece in the heart of Downtown Vancouver.  Pixel Moments was founded by Icon Marketing alongside our other two community partners: LNG Studios and Prizm Media. With 50% of the Canadian population experiencing a mental health issue by the age of 40, this is a crisis that has touched the lives of all Canadians and is one that we felt passionately about contributing to.  Our organizations were brought together by the Future Leaders Committee, a completely volunteer and self-funded group of young professionals working together to support the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation. The purpose of the group is to bring new perspectives to innovate beyond traditional fundraising practices and implement sustainable solutions. Since its inception, the Future Leaders have helped raise over one million dollars for the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation and programs at Providence Health Care.

pixel moments
Pixel Moments Founding Partners From Left to Right: Leon Ng of LNG Studios, Crystal Hung of Icon Marketing, and Zeeshan Hayat of Prizm Media

Micro-Donation Campaign

Pixel Moments was born from the idea that we can have the largest positive impact on our community when we all band together.   This idea was the driving force behind our micro-philanthropy approach. With Pixel asking for donations of as little as $5, the barrier of entry for the public was lower, making the campaign more accessible to the wider public.  Even the Grade 6 Chesed Club ("Chesed" is a term for acts of kindness in Hebrew) at Talmud Torah, a local Jewish elementary school, was inspired by Pixel Moments to dedicate their time to have conversations about mental health with peers and parents. They created their own Pixel Moments wall in their classroom and held their own fundraising event that raised $1000 for Pixel Moments.

Pixel Moments
The Talmud Torah Grade 6 Chesed Club holding a mock cheque of the $1000 they raised for Pixel Moments. Top row from left to right: Naomi, Aliya, Maya, Sasha, Gili, Hannah, Sharom. Bottom row from left to right: Ayla, Maayan, Davey, Tessa, Arabella.

1,834 Pixels Together in Support of Mental Health  

Launched in February 2021 when COVID restrictions were preventing people from gathering together in order to stop the spread of the virus, Pixel aimed to bring people together during a time that was trying to do the opposite. Although we could not physically be together, Pixel was a way of telling those struggling that someone is listening during these very isolating times.

Pixel Moments

Through our micro-donation approach, we received 1,834 Pixels that each represented a person who donated and submitted a selfie in support of mental health and the St. Paul's Foundation. From far away, the 80 by 33.5-foot mural looks like a traditional mural, but as you get closer you can see that it is actually comprised of all our donors' photos.

Pixel Moments

Pixel Moments

Pixel Moments

A Completely Digital Campaign  

The pandemic forced a pivot from traditional in-person fundraising efforts, which Pixel Moments embraced. We harnessed the power of social media and other digital platforms to make this a solely digital and contactless campaign. The shareability and digital nature of the campaign allowed our donors to become advocates for Pixel Moments and mental health. Donors were provided with Pixel branded graphics that many then shared on their own social media channels and network of people. This helped drive momentum with our fundraising efforts, as well as helped achieve one of the main goals of Pixel which was to raise awareness for mental health.  


Pixel Moments

Pixel Moments

Future Leader Volunteer, Matt Illich, and Crystal Promoting Pixel Moments at Z95.3's Kid Carson Show

An Interactive Art Experience

The interactive mosaic mural was located right above the landmark London Drugs in the heart of Downtown Vancouver at the corner of West Georgia and Granville Street. You could watch it come to life on your smartphone through an augmented reality experience. By scanning a QR code, viewers could unlock the poetic and whimsical display.

pixel moments

Click here to see the mural come to life

The mural is the work of Andrea Wan, a Hong Kong-born Canadian visual artist and illustrator, who has worked with clients such as the New York Times and Apple, and her works have been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.According to Andrea, her motivation behind the piece was to "create an art piece that shines a light on mental health during these times of isolation".

Be Part of the Next Pixel Moments Mural  

While our 2021 mural has been taken down, there will be a new Pixel Moments art installation around British Columbia coming soon that you can be a part of!  

How Do I Support Pixel Moments?  

Step 1: Make a donation at

Step 2: Snap a selfie or upload an image

Step 3: Share with friends, and follow @PixelDonate on Instagram for updates  

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