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Crystal Hung is the Newest Member of Vancouver's Heritage Commission

We are excited to announce that the most recent addition to the Vancouver Heritage Commission is our own Founder and CEO, Crystal Hung!  

Crystal has a longtime appreciation for Vancouver’s heritage buildings and is passionate about how we can creatively work these relics into the fabric of our growing city to maintain them for future generations. She is dedicated to being a meaningful contributor to urban planning initiatives, providing insight that offers economic, environmental, and social integration with the city's goals in a heritage-sensitive manner. Crystal’s personal touchpoints with heritage conservation in Vancouver have contributed to her driving interest in this area. Icon Marketing’s office is located in Fairview House, one of the five oldest buildings in Vancouver, and she is part of the team working on Century House, a heritage restoration project that is increasing density in East Vancouver’s Norquay Village through repurposing a century’s old grocery store.

icon marketing
Fairview House, built in 1892, is one of Vancouver's oldest buildings and the home of Icon Marketing's Offices
fairview house
Fairview House pictured in 1905 with what is now Downtown Vancouver in the background (Source)

Experiencing the benefits of preserving our city’s heritage firsthand has made her firmly committed to preserving whatever heritage we have in our relatively young City. She recently purchased and is now restoring a Class A heritage home that was designed by James Keagey, the same architect that designed the iconic Vancouver Rowing House in Stanely Park.

“Historical buildings are a physical component of a city’s identity that connects us with our shared history. The lived-in architecture and the thought process behind the buildings in our city reveal unique stories that are important to share. It is the stories of our city that define its character and just as these magnificent buildings have been passed down to us, we must preserve them for future generations.”  - Crystal Hung

As one of the youngest sitting members on the board, Crystal feels this is a unique opportunity to share concerns that younger generations may have when it pertains to heritage. She aims to provide insight as to how we can utilize our existing buildings as tools to help further the City’s civic planning goals.