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Earth, Wind & Fire: The Elements of Luxury and Comfort

Earth, Wind & Fire: The Elements of Luxury and Comfort

Earth, Wind & Fire: The Elements of Luxury and Comfort

Written By: Lisa Manfield"Elements takes its name from the water, fire, earth and air features integrated throughout the home— starting in the front yard, where a water fountain sets the tone for tranquility"

1438 w 32nd Avenue Web 2

They say you should go big or go home, and according to husband-and-wife team Cameron and Amanda Jones of the T. Jones Group, that was the intention with their latest showstopper—the award-winning Elements Estate located in Vancouver’s Shaughnessy neighbourhood and completed earlier this year.

Currently listed at a cool $28 million, the seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom estate oozes luxurious comfort, with splashes of glamour and coordinated artistic flair that elevate every unique enclave throughout the nearly 10,800-square-foot home.

Flourishes such as oversized fireplaces, designer paint and gold-flecked fixtures add luxury to core spaces, while recreational amenities, including an indoor swimming pool, hot tub and infrared sauna, keep residents and guests well entertained.

This home is, in fact, an entertainer’s delight, with indoor and outdoor kitchen and gathering spaces custom-crafted for bringing foodies and friends into the fold. The large, lavish kitchen reflects every memorable moment in its tinted-mirror ceilings. Servers’ quarters off the main kitchen offer a private space for party prep. Out back, in the pristinely sculpted yard, an outdoor heated deck area features a fully equipped kitchen ringed with a restaurant-inspired fire wall, gas torches and colour-changing light and water features. A one-bedroom laneway guest house ensures ample space for accommodations or remote office work.

Every detail in the house has been carefully considered and coordinated—from the hand-painted marble-like Venetian plaster walls and ceilings to the solid oak hardwood floors and ornamentations, the inset carvings and matching patterns, and the lighting, carpeting and adornments that literally sparkle.

“We came across this property and really wanted to go all out,” Cameron says. “We wanted to do something special.”

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